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"B+" magic mushrooms are the one of the most popular 100% mycelium grow kits from Supa Gro. It is an exotic magic mushroom strain which makes outstanding fruits which can grow up to 30cm. "B+" is the real name for this exotic magic mushroom strain - you will Be Positive for sure!

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Kit De Culture De Champignons Hallucinogènes
Kit Per La Coltivazione Di Funghi Allucinogeni
Kit De Cultivo de Setas Alucinógenas





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3 pcs EUR 158.85 EUR 107.85 Buy

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  • By Stephen M.
    B+ is my favorite strain and I have had spectacular results with SupaGro kits for a few years. Unfortunately, some of the kits in 2019 became contaminated within a few days. I carefully and meticulously handle them; I've had almost 10 years experience. I suspect strongly that climate change and warmer temperatures are putting too much stress on the kits during shipment, especially if they have to sit at some dock or terminal during the weekend. I'm hoping I can continue to use SupaGro this year.
    By Stephen M.
    Update: The two last shipments have performed normally, without contamination. The yields aren't like before (around 300g vs closer to 600g), but I'd rather have lower yields than the time-consuming hassle of contamination.
  • By Megan L.
    I've grown many kits, and the last B+ i grew produced the largest yields per harvest I ever had, however it became contaminated after only 3 harvests (which is less than I usually produce), so overall it produced around the same amount of mushrooms with less work.

    The trip was visual, and also enhanced all my senses, and felt like it gave me more (a bee flew by my ear and in front of me, and I swear I could see the path of sound waves similar to airplane white tails).

    Some giggly effects but not as strong as other strains I take regularly. With B+ i can become a little reserved when in a group, but usually this is more dependent on my state of mind going into the trip.

    My recommendation: best taken in nature, outdoors, with others willing to be on the same trip.
  • By Ender
    B+ never disapointed
  • By Rihards A.
    It's amazing products. I think Supa Gro have the strongest mushrooms ever :)
    For lite evening it's enough some 1.5-3gr, for hardcore trip on 10-12h - 30-50gr :)
  • By Jean H.
    For me the best strain for beginners, quick and easy to grow, lots of large mushrooms, and a middle intensity trip experience !