Extreme XL - Mexican Extreme XL - Mexican


The most and the biggest ! Extreme XL is HERE !

Supa Gro Mexican- the most famous and widely known exotic mushroom grow kit. It is used by South American ancients to reach the highest heights, thus the "Flesh of Gods". Supa Gro Mexican is a brick of 100% mycelium that some customers have grown up to 7 flushes.

For decorative purposes only.

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  • By luis D.
    My box has just arrived, it looks amazing and so easy to grow with! It's a great deal, and Supa Gro were amazingly responsive to shipping problems caused by the COVID pandemic, they took the time to respond to all my emails and sent out a new box, for free, after delays meant the old one was unusable, it arrived super quickly and I'm very, very happy with both the customer service and the product itself - thanks guys, I'll definitely be buying with you again!