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Golden Teacher 100% mycelium is a strain of magic mushroom that was found in the late 1980's, The name has been given because of its golden caps and the oustanding qualities this magic mushroom has. The Supa Gro 100% mycelium mushroom grow kit contains a 1200ml of pure spore-inoculated mycelium that is ready to grow!  With the 100% mycelium grow kit from Supa Gro you can get up to 4 to 5 flushes of magic mushrooms if you are good enough !!

For decorative purposes only.

Kit De Culture De Champignons Hallucinogènes
Kit Per La Coltivazione Di Funghi Allucinogeni
Kit De Cultivo de Setas Alucinógenas





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2 pcs EUR 89.90 EUR 79.90 Buy
3 pcs EUR 134.85 EUR 113.85 Buy

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  • By Richard F.
    The old faithful strain :) Expect great visuals, colours and all the good things ! Consistently powerful enough, you know where you are with these
  • By Walter B.
    First time grow, I let them a bit too long, the spores came, they all black (see figure). Is it still okay to dry them (cracker-dry) and store for later consumption? any side effects?