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Golden Teacher 100% mycelium is a strain that was found in the late 1980's, The name has been given because of its golden caps and the oustanding qualities it has. The Supa Gro 100% mycelium mushroom grow kit contains a 1200ml of pure spore-inoculated mycelium that is ready to grow!  With the 100% mycelium grow kit from Supa Gro you can get up to 4 to 5 flushes if you are good enough !!

For decorative purposes only.

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1. Take all items out of the carton box.
a) one growbox with 100% mycelium
b) one venting holes growbag
c) two paperclips


Before handling the 100% mycelium mushroom grow kit always wash your hands, nails and arms, and work in a clean workspace.

2. Do not put water in the mushroom grow kit ! Supa Gro 100% mycelium kits do not need to be soaked before the first flush.

3. Place the mushroom grow kit inside the grow bag with venting holes up, fold the open ends of the grow bag and set the fold with the paperclips.

4. Place the 100% mycelium grow kit in a clean bright place, out of direct sunlight. Temperatures should stay between 18°C and 28°C. Optimum is 23°C.

5. After the first  mushrooms appear, spray fresh water against the inside of the bag every day. Never spray directly on the substrate or mushrooms.

6. Pick the mushrooms right after they open their hats. Don’t wait too long or the spores will drop and the box turns black. When the grow box is almost empty, pick the remaining small mushrooms and pinheads.


It is highly recommended to ventilate well at least once in every 12 hours.
Make sure you don’t blow or breathe in the bag!

We do not reccomend using "heatmats" !


Next flush

7. Fill the 100% mycelium mushroom grow kit with water until the substrate is submerged.

8. Close the lid and during 12 hours store the 100% mycelium grow kit inside a closed clean plastic bag or separately sold soaking bag in a refrigerator (2 – 8°C).

9. After the soaking is complete, take out the 100% mycelium growkit from the soaking bag and remove the lid. Pour the excess water out of the mushroom grow kit.

Start over again from step 3.


Download Supa Gro Instructions.pdf

Download Supa Gro Tips.pdf