McKennaii McKennaii


The magic mushroom McKennaii 100% mycelium grow kit is a stronger variety than the well-known magic mushroom Copelandia cyanescens which is hard to grow. This magic mushroom grow kit requires more experienced growers as it provides a strong philosophical and optical touch.

For decorative purposes only.

Kit De Culture De Champignons Hallucinogènes
Kit Per La Coltivazione Di Funghi Allucinogeni
Kit De Cultivo de Setas Alucinógenas




Volume Price Quantity
1 pcs EUR 52.95 EUR 29.95 Buy

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  • By jack
    wow these bad boys are powerful i wanted a heroic dose experience and boy did i get it one point as powerful as dmt

    and sooooio easy to grow i’m on my second flush and no contamination i just followed surgical procedures lol
  • By God A.
    Our Supreme Guardian Angels full of Pure Love, Infinite Health and great Strength, Who truly deserve to be on second place after the Great Push Mushroom.
    We appreciate, that “Supa Gro” delivering perfectly pre-grown Mushroom Mycelium kits as always.
    We attaching pictures of Our Heavenly Beauties.

    ~ God and Goddess Raixe and Airis.