Payment methods

There are three payment options available on, bank transfer, payment via PSP (Payment Service Provider), or cash by mail.

All of them are discrete and secure. Whichever payment method you use, it is a MUST to state your order ID number. Without your order number, we are not able to link your payment to the order you placed, therefore we cannot ship the order.

Please note that it could take upto three (3) working days for an international bank transfer to reach us, so please be patient. Our system generates automatic payment reminders which at times overlap with your payment. As soon as we receive your payment, you will get a notification e-mail from us, unless you forgot to fill in your order number.

Accountholder / Beneficiary:
IBAN:   NL92ABNA0605193932
Payment Information / Comment: Always write your ordernumber: SPG 123xxxx890

Please note: Some banks may charge transfer fees.
Make sure, these are not charged on our account. Make sure we receive the right amount that corresponds to the total amount of your order!

Bank Information:



Accountholder Information:

Cash by mail can also accept payment in cash. Simply put the money in a sturdy envelope, make sure it is correctly stamped or franked, and send it to our P. O. Box. To make sure that the money is not visible through the envelope, put it between two bits of cardboard, for example. DO NOT send coins!  Also don't forget to include a note of your name and order number. Shipping remains at your own risk. Please note we only accept cash in € Euros and £ Pound Sterling. Please note: We can not accept Money-orders or Check's

Send your envelope to the following address:

Tips for secure cash payment

1. Use an A4 or A5 envelope, so it looks like it is documents.

2. Please hide the money very well between papers/carton (something where you can't see through)!

3. Do not use any coins. Please note we do not keep cash in our warehouse and we are not in position to refund small amounts, therefore please try to send exact amount. If you overpay by more than 10 Euro or pounds, and you are a repeat customer, we are going to compensate you on your next order with us.

4. Close the envelope with EXTRA tape, so that it is difficult, or even impossible for a third person to open and close it without being noticed!

5. Payments in USD and GBP are accepted, but add 10% extra for our exchange costs! However, a registered letter is only guaranteed to arrive, or that you can track it down, if it gets lost, but it is not a guarantee that it arrives with all its contents. That is why it is very important to send the money as safe as possible!

6. Make sure you keep proof of sending the envelope in case something goes wrong.

Please note: without mentioning your name and order number (SPG 123xxxx890) your payment and order cannot be processed.


We shall send you a confirmation email after we have received the payment and sent out the order.

Currently we DO NOT ship 100% Mycelium Grow Kits to following countries:

Non EU countries, Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Middle East, South America, Canada, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, Ukraine

We ship continental only! This means mainland only, no Greek, Spanish, Danish or other islands