Please find below a number of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. If yoour question is not included in the list, please feel free to contact us.

  • Payment

    Which payment options do you accept ?

    -          Bank transfer

    -          Cash by mail

    -          Click here for more information regarding payment

    My payment is not going through, what should I do ?

    Please contact your bank for questions, for all our bank details necessary to arrange bank transfer click here.

    I have paid for my order but I have not received a payment confirmation, what is the status of my order ?

    Please note for banks in some countries in Europe it could take up to several days for a payment to reach us. We check daily for incoming payments and we’ll send you a confirmation as soon as we receive it.

    Can I change my payment method ?

    Yes as long as you always indicate your order/SPG number in the reference section.

    Can I pay by Credit Card or PayPal ?

    No, not at this moment, although we are working on adopting Credit Card payments in the near future.

  • Shipping

    How long will it take for my order to arrive at my address ?

           For estimated delivery time for each country click here.

    In order to supply you with the freshest stock and kits in pristine condition, we normally ship beginning of the week so the package reaches you buy end of the week. If your payment was received late in the week, your order will most likely be processed and shipped over the following week.

    Do you ship to my country ?

    We ship to most countries within the European Union but mainland only, no Greek, Spanish, Danish, or other islands (except U.K.). For a list of countries we can ship to please click here.

    If your country is not on the list, we regret we cannot ship there, and we cannot make exceptions.

    How can I track my parcel ?

    You will receive tracking information from our shippers as soon we deliver your parcel to them. Please note the shipping label needs to be scanned first at our shippers parcel center before you can track, if your tracking number shows as invalid, please come back later on to check online for updates.

    Can I have my parcel delivered at a pick-up point ?

    Our shippers have pick-up points in select countries, for a parcel shop location near you visit https://gls-group.eu/EU/en/home and select your country.

    Can I change my delivery address after I order ?

    You can but please notify us as quickly as you can and we’ll adjust for you,  but please note we cannot modify address details after your parcel has left our warehouse.

  • My Order

    Can I cancel an order and how ?

    Yes you can cancel your order but prior you have made payment.

    Simply login into your account, select the order you want to cancel in your "Order History", click on "Details". In the section "Frequently Asked Questions" select the option on the bottom "I want to ask a Question". In the ‘Subject box’ select "I want to cancel my Order" and in the ‘Text’ section below kindly give us a short explanation as to why you want to cancel. 

    In the unlikely case you have already paid and still want to cancel, please contact us via email, and we’ll handle your request.


    I already paid for my order and I received a payment notification reminder, why ?

    Our system sends out automatic notification reminders, in the unlikely case you received one and had already paid, please ignore, it is only a matter of timing.

  • Privacy and Legal aspects

    Do you offer discreet shipping ?

    Absolutely we do, nothing on our packaging or labeling discerns clues to its contents, you and only you know what’s in it.

    Can you guarantee customs clearance and delivery to my country ?

    Regret but we cannot guarantee that, while we do our utmost to stay up-to-date with EU regulations and use due diligence prior handling orders, you are yourself responsible for informing yourself on the legal status of our products. Please check our Terms & Conditions

  • Product information and Growing Instructions

    When do I start spraying ?

    It truly depends on the moisture in your kit and growing environment, we recommend spraying after first pinheads appear. For full growing instructions click here.

    Do you recommend use of heat mats ?

    No we do not, our kits generate enough heat as long as the ambient temperature is above 21 deg C. Heating mats available do not have thermostats or temperature control, if the ambient temperature in your growing environment is above 21 deg C, you run the risk of overheating your kit. If ambient temperature is under 21 deg C, you need to immediately adjust, and if you decide to use a heating mat you do that at your own risk and expense.