Supa Mat Protector


When winter is approaching, the ambient temperature is getting low for an optimal and healthy growth. Many of you may decide on using a "heat mat" in order to stimulate the growth process. We at Supa Gro, have always been advising on ensuring proper room temperature rather than using "heat mats", based on the golden rule of growing mushrooms, which is: "Heat the room, not the shroom".

Practice has proven that in most cases using heat mats can cause more damage than benefit, by simply "baking the kit" and drying it out before fruits appear. That is why we have taken on the challenge to create and test a product which will protect your kit from overheating, and will allow you to use a heat mat in an optimal atmosphere during the winter months.

We take pride in introducing to you the "Supa mat-protector", specially designed  by us to do the following:

1. Provide even flow of warm air throughout the entire surface of the kit, rather than the bottom only.

2. Create a safety air layer between the kit and the heat mat.

3. Prevent overheating and baking.

4. Generate multiple grow waves while using a heat mat, and not drying the kit from the start.

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