Magic Truffle Hawaiian


Supa Gro Magic Truffles Available !

Hawaiian Magic Truffles is one of the strongest variety from our lab, that will give you intense visuals and profound moments of wisdom and creativity. Weight 15 grams.

Volume Price Quantity
1 pcs EUR 15.95 EUR 12.95 Buy
2 pcs EUR 29.95 EUR 19.95 Buy

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  • By Matteo V.
    Fantastici, giĆ  puliti e pronti all'uso.
    Con solo 10g ho fatto un bel viaggetto ????????????
  • By Mate S.
    Its one of the best truffle and a very helpfull team. I like the supa product
  • By Igor K.
    Normally I use regular mushrooms to trip.
    This time I decided to give these truffles a go, and I think this was the best truffle experience I have ever had.

    I used them for therapeutic purposes and can only highly recommend this product! I had an incredibly insightful trip, which helped me to fix my issues. I ordered two packages and consumed both of them at once. This is the best possible quality that you will get for the price.